Federal officials pledge continuing support to help restore one of largest alewife runs in the nation

Baileyville, Maine – Today, Tribal and federal Trustees joined with state and nongovernmental partners and Canadian officials to celebrate the reopening of the Grand Falls Dam fish ladder, which has been closed for more than two decades, river herring access to spawning grounds increases from just 2 percent to 50 percent, with significant ecological, cultural ,economic and recreational benefits. Hosted by the Passamaquoddy Tribe to mark the return of alewives to their traditional spawning habitat in the St. Croix River and to honor all of the tribes, federal agencies, and non‐governmental organizations who have participated in the effort to make this restoration a reality. During the celebration, guests will be treated to Tribal ceremonial songs and dance, including the Passamaquoddy Welcome and Alewife songs and the “Round Dance.” U.S. and Canadian officials to make brief remarks. The event wrap up with Tribal and federal government officials signing a pledge to continue to work together to bring back river‐run fish to this important Maine watershed. CLICK HERE for press release, information on partners activities and more...
Directions to Grand Falls dam:

Grand Falls dam is located about 17 river miles north of Calais. To reach the dam from Calais proceed north on US Route 1. About 5 miles north of the city, Route 9 will intersect from the west. From the intersection of Routes 1 and 9 proceed an additional 7 miles north on Route 1 until you reach Grand Falls Road on your right. Continue on Grand Falls Road for about 7½ miles to the dam.

Coming from the north on US Route 1 you will enter Princeton. From the bridge at Princeton travel south on Route 1 for about 1¼ miles when you will reach the Eastern Cut Off Road on your left. Travel on that road for about 3 miles when you will come to an intersection. At that intersection take Grand Falls Road north for another 3 miles to the dam.
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